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4K Weeks Brightsider
David Mahony
The Countdown Clock of My Life!

I love this poster. It's on the wall over my desk and every time I see it I'm reminded how much time I have left. This energizes me! Thanks

Excellent motivator.

Love the poster! I was a little bit emotional when opening my shipment. As a 64 year old it’s a wonderful reminder of how full my life has been and how much fuller I can make it in the weeks ahead.


I’ve wanted one of these for a long time and I got one for my birthday today! It’s amazing motivation and all around a great business. Looking forward to filling those boxes!

Wonderful Reminder

Every time I walk by my poster I am reminded how precious life is! Gratitude gratitude gratitude!!!!!

4k Weeks Poster™
Vivien H.N.
Timely shipping and excellent customer service

I ordered this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. The first print had some issues, but once I raised my concern Spencer (the owner) immediately contacted me and sent a new reprint. Incredible customer service! The new copy is excellent and the recipient is very happy :) Thanks again 4K Weeks team!

Hi Vivien, I am so sorry that this misprint got out to you. It should have been caught before shipping. As you have requested we have sent you a full refund, and I would also like to send out a free replacement. I feel terribly that your thoughtful gift was spoiled by our mistake. I have sent an email about the replacement. Please let me know, and again, my apologies.

4k Weeks Poster™
Dylan Rausch

Love my 4 weeks calander

What to do with the framed version

I just bought three of these, one for myself and two others as gifts. I have the same question as one of the other commentators: " How do you fill it in if the boxes are behind the glass?"
I looked at the email I received on the day of delivery and can't find any video links on setting up the framed version. They're beautiful, but I'm confused. Help!

Hey Alan! Thanks for the review... Here are the instructions for removing the protective plexiglass and placing it behind the poster.

Thank you!

4k Weeks Poster™
Daniel Souder
exactly what I wanted

great quality, great motivation!

4K Weeks Brightsider
Sarah Lansdowne
The most inspiring poster you can buy

I LOVE my 4K Weeks Brightsider poster. I chose the colourful version because I like to look back at the weeks I've lived and see a colourful life. It inspires me to bring colour to my remaining weeks on the planet. We have no time to waste on monochrome. I've hung it in the home gym to make me exercise harder and hopefully be able to fill in all of those remaining 3075 boxes. Would recommend to anyone wishing for a kick up the arse. 5 stars from me.

Gift for a friend, was well received considering the ultimate outcome.


Excellent! Just as advertised

Great reminder to get off your backside and do something before time runs out

Love the idea of it.

Bought it for a friend for Christmas, I think it’s really cool. I think I’ll get one for myself

4k Weeks Poster™
Mogens Pilgaard Sørensen
A nice way of making every day count

As an independent consultant at my own company @ it is quite often easy falling into procrastination during dips in sugar or energy level. I love finding helpful things that reminds me how precious life is.
And it is here right now. We get to live every single day.

Nice quality print and timely shipping


Am very impressed with the quality of this calendar. The paper is nice and thick. They customise it so that it starts on your actual birthday. And there is this really cool app that you can scan which keeps track of which week your in. Premium product. Excellent delivery. I do recommend. Really does put one’s life into perspective.



Really like this idea ,, puts life and time into perspective and is useful for planing out your life , also shows what your capable of , and helps kill off procrastination 🤘👍 awesome poster!! A poster that helps with production 💪

One of my favorite things

I placed my poster right above my computer in my home office so that I see it throughout the day. It adds a lot of perspective to stressful meetings during the day and gives me motivation to make the most out of every evening. I absolutely love it and have told more people about it than I can count. Highly recommended product and the service from the team who sends it is absolutely top-notch.

4k Weeks Poster™
Salvador Riestra
Awesome Customer Service & Product

I wasnt home when they tried to deliver, so they sent it again at no cost, what a great detail by the team 💪.

The product is amazing, i recommend it! Great service, great product!