4k Weeks Poster™ (Premium Framed Version)

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Made to last a lifetime
Each box corresponds to one week in an average 88-year lifespan, and every filled-in box is one that you have already lived.
Slightly terrifying. Extremely effective.
Seeing it on a daily basis will push you to take action on your life, enjoy every moment, and focus on the things that matter.
✔   Completely customized for you 
   300 dpi high-quality print 
  Alder, semi-hardwood frame from renewable forests
   75” thick frame
   Removable acrylite front protector
  Hanging hardware included


It doesn't make me feel anxious; it makes me want to be purposeful. It makes me want to think about what really matters in life - Joshua Harris

All new posters come with a small QR code that links to your digital, always-updated 4K WEEKS. Lost track? No problem; just scan the code and see precisely how many weeks you have to fill (and much more!)

Milestones and goals

Easily add milestones and goals to your poster. Choose a date, and we will find the matching week. Experience the power of perspective.

Life's too short to live on autopilot.

But... why?

Destroy procrastination in one look

Think deadlines help with procrastination? This is the ultimate deadline. Get inspired and make the most out of every week, every day, every minute.

Tired of hearing that time is priceless?

It doesn't matter how many times we hear that. We know it's true, but we keep ignoring it. That's how our brains work until you see it with your eyes. Because knowing is not the same as feeling.

A new habit that will change your life

Fill in a square each week. As simple as that. This will rewire your brain to start appreciating and enjoying every moment.

Accomplish long term goals

Pick a time to achieve your goal and mark it on your customized poster. You will see it in proportion to your whole life. But what's more important, you will realize that if you don't take action now, it will never happen.

It's all about love.

When you know your time here is limited, suddenly being angry, being mad at someone, doesn't make sense anymore. The only thing that makes sense is spending time with people that matter to you.

Easy to keep track

Each row represents a full year of your life, and each group of 4 boxes is about a month. If you forget to cross a square one week or even one month, you can get back on track easily.

"We all need a little reminder sometimes of how valuable every minute is."


This just kicked me in the gut when it arrived. I'm in love with it. It almost forces you to take action and pursue your goals. Life's too short to be doing something you dislike and to waste time on things which do not enrich our lives.

Kelly King

Maybe this is not for everyone, but the powerful feeling I get when I look at my poster really helps me be more present and enjoy the little things of life. 

Debra Jenkins

"A reminder to be grateful for each and every moment"


"It puts your whole life into perspective"


"It helps me achieve my goals"


Some of the videos and pictures above feature the Premium Framed Version.

100% satisfaction

24/7 support


Only life-changing


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United States United States

I’m super happy with my purchase. Such good quality and the app is so easy and convenient. I would definitely recommend. Customer service is outstanding tooCan’t wait to frame it!!

4000weeks 4k Weeks Poster™ (Premium Framed Version) Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great customer service.

As soon as I received my order, I was emailed and offered to chance to give feedback or discuss any thoughts or concerns. I had a slight issue, but this was resolved immediately and swiftly by Customer Service who really showed how much they value their customers. The product is great, and just what I need hanging above my desk as a true Memento Mori.

etai r.
Israel Israel
best customer service i ever met

i had to pay an extra 40$ for the carrier in my country - i wrote them and in less then 30 min they wrote me back saying the refund for the 40$ is on the way (of course after i sent them the recite i paid for the extra 40$)

A 4000weeks Customer
Lindsey S.
Canada Canada
A wake up call and great service

I ordered my first poster about six months ago. After seen the power of a daily wake up call to remind me to not waste a single day, let alone week, I decided that I needed a framed one for my office. The order actually came damaged, likely in the transportation process, and one email is all it took to have another poster rushed out to me. I was blown away by the service and thrilled to have two posters now to help me live life to the fullest.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great way to put things into perspective

It keeps me accountable for my studies and is an uncomfortable but needed reminder that every minute counts.