4K Weeks Long View
4K Weeks Long View
4K Weeks Long View
4K Weeks Long View
4K Weeks Long View
4K Weeks Long View
4K Weeks Long View
4K Weeks Long View

4K Weeks Long View


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Checking this box allows you to replace "My Life in Weeks" with custom text. Click here for more info.

The 4K Weeks Long View Poster, same concept as the original…but left to right… a different horizon.
Each box corresponds to one week in an a lifespan, and every filled-in box is one that you have already lived.
Slightly terrifying. Extremely effective.
Seeing it on a daily basis will push you to take action, enjoy every moment, and focus on the things that matter.


✔  Pre-filled for you based on your birthdate

✔  Select 88 or 100-year life span

✔ 300 dpi high-quality print

✔  Thick and durable matte paper

✔ Writeable

✔  Format: rolled-up poster


✔   Completely customized for you 

✔   Select 88 or 100-year life span 

✔ 300 dpi high-quality print 

✔  Alder, semi-hardwood frame from renewable forests

✔   .75” thick frame

✔   Removable acrylite front protector

✔  Lightweight

✔  Hanging hardware included

✔ Instructions for preparing your framed poster for filling in the boxes are HERE.


Filling in this field allows you to create a custom headline on your poster. Instead of "MY LIFE IN WEEKS", the text you place in this field will be the poster headline. PLEASE NOTE: This is a custom poster, and we will print the headline exactly as you enter it here. The font size is dependent upon how many characters you enter. (See photos for reference.) THIS POSTER IS CUSTOM AND THEREFORE NON-REFUNDABLE, so please proofread your selections carefully.


Checking this box will leave the space at top of the poster blank. We will not print any text, including "My Life In Weeks" on the top of the poster, it will be completely blank.

Custom Printed

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This just kicked me in the gut when it arrived. I'm in love with it. It almost forces you to take action and pursue your goals. Life's too short to be doing something you dislike and to waste time on things which do not enrich our lives.

-Kelly King

Maybe this is not for everyone, but the powerful feeling I get when I look at my poster really helps me be more present and enjoy the little things of life.

-Debra Jenkins

Product received as described and quickly considering the covid complications.
Super happy with my calendar!


This really is a wonderful product: it has a very strong motivational power on me.
The company is awesome: great customer service, quick shipping, safe packaging...
Perfect experience, I recommend doing business with them to everyone!

-Nicolas T