Week 39, 2023

Week 39, 2023

Week 39 of 2023 has arrived. It's time to pull the plug and drain the pool, stack up all the lounge chairs in the corner, and check on all the canned goods in the dry cellar.

That's a funny combo... It made me think that it has only been 130 years since the setting of the Little House on the Prairie books, but imagine if you could transport those little girls to a crowded summer pool deck... It would be an alien world to them. 

Time to walk over to your 4K Weeks poster and fill in another square. Done?

I feel like I need to be honest and up front with you all...

I'm struggling a bit this week... I am usually relentlessly positive and upbeat, regardless of the landscape... but this week is the first week since I have been writing this newsletter... (almost a year!) ... where writing the email feels a little fake in my mouth... I feel like I am stuck in the mud at Burning Man on a whole bunch of fronts, and it seems disingenuous to be a Pollyanna.

But... I believe in all of this, and imposter syndrome is real... so I am going to fake it till I make it... I think usually I am writing to convince you... This week I think I am writing to convince me.

And away... we... go!

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Remarkable Weeks

Week #39 in the year 1937J.R.R. Tolkien publishes The Hobbit. He was 2385.29 weeks old (45.74 yrs). Not bad for a guy that age!

Week #39 in the year 1981Sandra Day O'Connor is confirmed to the Supreme Court. She was the first woman nominated, and the first confirmed in the court's 191 year history. She was 2687.29 weeks old (51.53 yrs).

Week #39 in the year 1962Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring about the use of pesticides in the environment. She was 2385.29 weeks old (45.74 yrs). (Interesting discussion about the repercussions of this in a podcast recently... but I can't find it... any help?) Also, do you know how many humans have been killed by mosquitos? INSANE.

This Week's Quote

The Universe is transformation. Our life is what our thoughts make it.  -Marcus Aurelius

It hits a bit different when you realize that Marcus wasn't trying to teach us this truth, he was trying to teach himself.

All of his Meditations were just his own private diary. Lucky for us his handwriting is better than mine...

When you think of it that way it starts to be more pleading, and less pedantic.

This is a fundamental truth, but it is one of those truths that you have to speak to yourself... It isn't likely to be heard if someone else says it.

The rain is either a huge inconvenience that is ruining your plans, or just another interesting twist in the day's adventure and possibly some new puddles to jump in.

It all turns on your thoughts.

...And about the "pleading" with himself...  One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in the last decade of focus on "being better" is: It is perpetual.  There is no moment of nirvana. The cavalry isn't coming.  Some days are harder, some days are easier, but love and be grateful for the struggle, because it will be there when you wake up in the morning... And each day that you get to remind yourself what your values are, is a day that you are still breathing... and as far as we know... that's the best thing going.

What I am Consuming This Week

bubly: Key lime Pie:  Here is the deal... During the week, I only eat: protein, vegetables, legumes, and the occasional avocado half, nothing processed, no sugar, etc. And... that is fine most of the time, but the human urge for a "treat"...something novel, is real! I haven't ever liked "LaCroix" type drinks, but bubly NAILED the key lime pie flavor. (LaCroix's Lemoncello is great, too.)

Diary of a CEO, The 33 Laws of Business and Life. I bought this book after listening to the Rich Roll Podcast with Steven.  It is great.  There are so many good nuggets that I find myself not wanting to read it at night so that I can remember and act upon the info!

"Boundaries, Burnout and the 'Goopification' of Self-Care", The Ezra Klein Show, hosted by Tressie McMillan Cottom. Interesting discussion on how "self-care" turned into "buy our stuff".  I learned a few things about myself while listening to this...

Revisionist History, "Guns Part 4: Moral Hazard".  This episode had me near tears with despondence. I just don't know how we are ok with this status quo... and I have a pretty good libertarian streak in me.

The Daily: "Is College Still Worth It".  As the dad of two early teens... this is hard to listen to...  Here is just the "student loanski" portion...   Here is the whole episode.

Cautionary Tales: "A Chorus of Contempt at The Sydney Opera House". I love Cautionary Tales... It's super good.

IG Nuggets:Late Addition... I love every single bit of this...

I made this.

Final Note: Last week, a reader sent me an email noting that all of the voices in the content I recommended that week were men... True... and of course, unintentional... I asked her to recommend some of her favorites, she did, and I would like to ask you all to as well. Please send me podcasts, hosted by women, that you think I might like, based on the content that has been in the email... I look forward to listening and sharing.

What I am Thinking About This Week

What it's all about.

There isn't a lot of good data on what the point of all this is.

That's a funny sentence, and kind of absurd, but it's true.

If the point of life is to collect the most pretty rocks or get the all time high score in Super Mario Bros... I missed that memo... 

I am just bumbling along like the next guy, taking each decision as it comes, and trying make the best choice and maybe anticipate a few of tomorrow's decisions. 

It's only when things get a bit hard... when all the to-do's feel overwhelming, and the four things that you thought you crossed off the list yesterday pop back onto the list... that we start asking what it means. 

You will rarely find me in a funky mood when all my best laid plans are going smooth like butter on a warm pan.

So, I suppose the lesson is to just try to enjoy as much of it as possible.

There are plenty of hard things that I regularly enjoy doing... Being a parent, playing basketball, lifting weights, throwing a bean bag into a small hole about 25 feet from me...

It's not the "hard" part that is the issue... It's my attitude.

And while I can't love everything... I certainly can loosen up and stomp in a few puddles.

Ok!  All better now!  Ready to get out there and get back at it!  Who's comin' with me!

Have a great week! 

Thanks for being a part of the journey with us! Please tell me if you liked/disliked the blog this week. Ask my wife... those are the only emails I like to get!

Spencer, Owner of 4KWeeks.co

Dad Joke O' The Week

Did you hear about the new store called Moderation?

Yeah, they have everything in there!


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