What is your number one goal?


My Year Goal Countdown (Framed)
My Year Goal Countdown (Framed)
My Year Goal Countdown (Framed)
My Year Goal Countdown (Framed)

My Year Goal Countdown (Framed)

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  • A year from now you will be in the same position you are today.
    Unless you do something about it.
    Set a goal, commit yourself to do whatever it takes, and make it inevitable.

    A goal without a deadline is just a dream.

    Our Year Goal Countdown will be your constant reminder to take action. It contains 365 little boxes, each one representing one day.

    The power of visualizing your time.

    Each day you will be crossing out a box. This will constantly remind yourself what is your top priority and will help you stay on track.

    Focus on consistent daily action, and your success will be inevitable.

    When we get lost in day to day, it's easy for our brains to forget our goals and priorities. But if you can't prevent that from happening, success will be inevitable. The 4KW Year Countdown will almost force you to look at the big picture. Daily.

    Choose one goal, forget everything else.

    Exceptional results require exceptional focus. Chose your number one goal and focus on that.


    Commit to doing whatever-it-takes to reach that goal in one year. Bet on yourself. One year from now, you will be thankful you did it.

    Consistent. Daily. Action.

    Every day you will read your goal, reflect on it, and cross one more box. If you do that, consistent daily action will be easy. What do you think will happen if you work every single day on your goal for a year? Exactly, you will succeed.

    How does this work?

    Face your goal everyday

    Tell us your goal and commit to it. We will send your poster with the goal already printed.

    Divide and win

    Divide your goal in monthly and weekly micro-goals. Watch your progress and iterate your plan as needed. The first plan is never the final plan.

    Track your daily progress

    Use the little squares to track your progress, execution, and consistency. You can cross, check, or fill them entirely, depending on what works for you. There's only one rule: do it every day.

    You don't need this product.

    If you set an ambitious, achievable, and measurable goal and do whatever it takes to reach it in one year, you will succeed. This product is not needed, and we want you to pursue your goals anyway. However, if you want to show your brain, you are serious about it; this can help you. Having a big reminder visible every day in your bedroom will make your goal achieve Top of Mind Awareness. It will remind your self each and every day what your top priority is. Consistent daily action will be easy. On top of that, even when you are not actively working towards Your Big Goal, your subconscious mind will keep searching for new opportunities and strategies and solving problems. The only mission of this tool is to keep your goal present every day.