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Uncurling and Hanging Your Poster

66 Day Massive Action Tracker

So what's the deal with this 66 Day Massive Action tracker we tucked in your order? The science is simple.  The best study on habit formation showed an average of 66 days to a durable behavior change.

On top of that, 66 days is both a long time and a short time.  What if I told you that you could write a book in 66 days or 1 year, which would you rather? 

Of course! If writing a book was a goal of yours, 66 days beats 1 year every time.

There is tons of writing and research on this, and it can get pretty complicated.   We like simple plans that mostly lead to success... So, if you want to make a MASSIVE change in your life, in 66 days, here's what you do.  

  1. Take a week or two, and decide these two things: #1: What do I want to accomplish? #2) What daily action am I willing to commit to to make it posssible?
  2. Then, take one more week and make a list of everything you need to grease the wheels of success. These are any and all things that will just make it easier to fill in the box. During this week, also take notes on the unexpected life events that might have made you miss a day. One last thing... Put the "action" at the top of your todo list.
  3. Pick a start day, complete the daily action, fill in one box, and then... DON'T. MISS. ANY. DAYS.
  4. It's simple. It's not easy, but it is simple.
  5. Tag us on IG when you start and finish! We want to celebrate with you. @the4KWeeks #66dayMAS #66dayMassiveActionStreak

The most powerful benefit of trying the 66 Day Massive Action is all of the little changes that will take place.  It is kind of crazy how much change happens in a year if everyday you just improve a tiny bit.  We are all changing, all the time.  The question is which direction are you changing in?  Good luck!