33 Day Massive Action Society

Quick Start Guide for the 33 day version of the Massive Action Society

Do you want the quick version? Here goes:

  1. Choose a daily action
  2. Make sure it is just barely reasonable. (hard but achievable, daily)
  3. Make sure it is objectively measurable. (adding a time or quantity is the easiest way)
  4. Write down how you will ensure daily success. (schedule? supplies? space? silence? what do you need?)
  5. Commit to 11, 33, or 66 days of daily actions
  6. Start.
  7. Finish.

That's it, it can be that simple.  Would you like more context? Keep reading.

How would you like your accountability emails sent? Weekly? Daily? Never?

1) Choose a Daily Action: A surprising amount of people aren't sure what to do. So, first: If you are stuck, let me say: Who cares about the specific ways you are improving!... merely improve. You can chart a course later, first get the boat out of the harbor!

Everyone thinks that mood and energy need to come first, and then action, but in fact, If get your butt moving, your mood will catch up.

Now that you know what you are are going to shoot for, let's stress test your Goal and your daily action.

  1. Is your goal 99.9% within your control? For example, you don't get to decide if you become a rock star... there are too many outside variables, too many things that other people have to do to make that dream come true.  But... you are the only person who needs to get on board if you want to write 1000 songs. You get to choose if you are a songwriter. Other people choose if you are a rock star.
  2. Is your Daily Action a stretch but possible?